Wormhole Policy

General Overview

Wormhole space is a type of space in Eve which is different from all of the others; there are no stations and no local chat and no gates to jump into other systems.

Living in a wormhole is incredibly dangerous and as a result, is very profitable.

We do all of these policies and rules so that we can work efficiently as a wormhole team; any unknown ships or probes are almost always signs that there are hostiles in the system, which results in most players docking up and stopping what they are doing. It is very frustrating when we get ready for combat and find our the 'unknown hostile' in system is in fact a member of your own corp, so please make sure you follow all the below steps!

  • Always be in the WH chat channel anytime you are there
  • Anytime you launch probes, warp in or out, post it in the channel
  • Always have your corp initials and your character initials in your ship name. See Ship naming convention below
  • Know how to scan down signatures, which every player has the skills to scan. I learned by watching YouTube videos
  • Don't go AFK on a mining belt, and always be aligned to POS for faster escape
  • Always be looking at D-scan if out of the POS
  • If you do need to go AFK for a bit, don't sit at the POS in a mining ship or POD, please sit in a PVP ship. This will keep the WH a little bit safer, if people jump in and see mining ships, they may sit and wait till you go mining again.
  • Don't invite friends into the WH that are not part of the alliance. Never give the exit location to anybody not in the alliance, even if they claim to be an alt of somebody.
  • When the new Hi sec exit spawns, it's sealed from being seen in hi sec side, meaning the WH is sealed for at least 15 hours. Before jumping out just to see where it is, check in the WH channel if there is a mining op going on.

If you are new to wormholes, you must spend time reading the following two links -

Wormhole Space
Living in a Wormhole

Wormhole Skills

Before you go to a SLYCE wormhole, it's important that you have the following skills:





Communications Channels

Whenever you are in WH space, you should have the WH intel channel open in your chat window. Ask in-game for the channel name.

It is important that you share any intel (e.g., DSCAN pings of ships, etc) with the channel.

When launching drones or probes, this must be announced to the channel, (e.g., "These are my probes")

The channel is shared between the SLYCE Alliance and other friendly corps like ORERUS (who use the WH for PI to support their C6 alts). The friendly corps are set blue to SLYCE.

Before Getting To The Wormhole

Ship Naming Convention

  1. The ship name should start with the symbol
  2. Then a space, followed by a 2 or 3 letter abbreviation for your corp in square brackets [EML]
  3. Then a Space, followed by your initials SW

So for SoHo White's ships in the WH it would be 'ㅘ [EML] SW' and Odyss would have 'ㅘ [NP] OM'

The reason for the strange symbol at the start, is that it is hard to duplicate at short notice by enemies.

DSCAN and Overview

Learn how to use DSCAN, seriously - D Scan Tutorial
Set up your Overview properly - Overview Setup Guide

Additional reading before you arrive

Read about how to live and survive in WH Space - Living in Wormholes
Get comfortable with how WH's work - Wormholes
Set up your ship fully for wormhole use - a Miasmos should have multiple warp stabilizers, tank, and prop mods, etc
Announce in the intel channel if you enter or leave the hole, as this may upset our scouts if you don't

Daily Requirements

  • Remove previous days bookmarks from the corp bookmarks
  • Scan down all new sites and anoms, saving locations in corp folder
  • Clearing data/relic sites of rats (if possible at the time)

POS Usage

  • All your personal items are to be stored in the Personal Hanger Array
  • Items from the shared corp hanger can are to be returned after use
  • Do not create any floating or anchored containers in space
  • Do not take other peoples ships without their permission
  • Do not refit or change other peoples ships without their permission
  • Do not 'borrow' other peoples items, e.g, MTU's, without their permission

Etiquette & Civility

  • Do not rename ships or take things that aren't yours.
  • If you lose another persons ship, you must notify them of the loss and replace it in full
  • Please announce to the intel channel before you launch any probes

Corp Bookmarks

Bookmarks placed into the appropriate corp folder and should follow the format below:

[type]-[sigID] [site name/(destination)]

Example 1: You scan the sig XPV-800 and you find the gas site "Barren Perimeter Reservoir". For this site the bookmark would read "Gas-XPV800 Barren Perimeter Reservoir"

Other examples are -

  • "Hisec-WRI520 (Scheenins)"
  • "Lowsec-HRO971 (Hevrice)"
  • "Data-SKE182 Central Sansha Sparking Transmitter"
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