SLYCE Welcome E Mail

Once a corporation has joined the SLYCE Alliance, the below e-mail should be sent to the CEO of the joining corporation.

Example Welcome E-mail

'Subject: Welcome to SLYCE'

This e-mail is strictly limited to CEOs of our member corporations and we request that you keep this e-mail private.

Firstly, on behalf of the SLYCE Alliance, we're really happy to have you with us and we're looking forward to gaming together.

We will also be sending out an e-mail to the whole Alliance (including your corp) to welcome them and outline how your members can become more involved with us.

To ensure that we keep open lines with each other, we have two channels of communication, which you should seek to join immediately -

'SLYCE Boss Chatroom'

SLYCE-boss is open to CEOs and your corp's leadership team (maximum of three); this is where most of the communication between alliance and corp leadership takes place.

Channel Name: (Redacted)
Channel Pass: (Redacted)

Yourself and your leadership team should be in this chat channel whilst active within the game - however, this does not include any of your alts; only characters within the SLYCE Alliance are permitted in the room.

'SLYCE CEO Mailing List'


Additionally, we have a mailing list exclusively for the SLYCE CEO's to join. By the time you have received this mail, you will have been authorised to access the mailing list - to do this,

  1. Open your mail window
  2. Select "Add Mailing List" (bottom left of the window)
  3. Enter "SLYCE CEO"
  4. Press "Join"

Periodically, e-mails will be sent to the CEO's discussing various issues which require the input of everyone - not strictly from the Alliance to you, but from you (and other CEOs) to us as the Alliance leadership.

'Issues & Concerns'

If you have any issues or concerns regarding the Alliance, it's operations or are aware of any information which may impact the Alliance, please speak to one of the Alliance Diplomats - this includes items such blackmail, awox, spies, industry competitors or issues between members; be rest assured that matters will be dealt with privately in a mature fashion.

One again, we're really happy to have you here with us.


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