SLYCE Wartime Protocol


As SYLCE expands and grows into a notable alliance, we become a bigger target for both corps who target high-sec alliances looking for easy kills and hired mercenaries who are paid by other alliances looking to disrupt our economic activities for their own gain. Eve is ultimately a PVP game with elements of industry and markets. Every single corp, regardless of size, will have been or will eventually be war dec'd and you are unable to avoid this, unless you spend the rest of your Eve 'life' in the default NPC corp.

A war dec is a declaration of war against a corp/alliance by another corp/alliance and by paying a fee to CONCORD, the aggressor is then allowed to shoot the defenders ships/pods at will in all security levels of space. When a war is declared, the corporation that declares the war must pay a fee that increases with the size of the alliance and a recurring cost for each week the war is active. This means it can be expensive to maintain a war, and often (providing our war protocols are followed by all members) they do not last more than one week.

'''You can read more about war mechanics - Wars and War Declaration'''.

Previous wartime protocols included a heavy focus of not engaging war targets (WTs) to minimize the incentive for them to continue the war, furthering the disruption to our playtime. However, as we grow, war becomes a bigger inevitability and at a certain point, it becomes a lot of effort to maintain the dock up pattern.

Alliance members now have the choice if they wish to fight or wish to hide, depending on which best suits their play style.

Purpose of Protocols

These protocols are in place to -

1. Deny the enemy kills of helpless non-combat ships.
2. Deny the enemy kills of poorly-fitted ships.
3. Deny the enemy kills of high-value ships.
4. Deny the enemy any opportunity to milk your tears.

'''These protocols are mandatory''' and any flouting of the protocols will result in serious action being taken against you. Please see the Protocol Enforcement at the bottom of this article.

Want to Hide?

If you are not the type to enjoy PVP (and live in high sec), you have three options.

1. Stay in the alliance during the war
2. Join one of our approved sister corps for the duration of the war
3. Stay in an NPC corp for the duration of the war

Hiding Option 1 - Stay In Alliance

This is the least preferred option as it may severely impact on your game-play.

Should you decide to stay in the alliance, you 'must' follow these rules in High Sec space -

1. If possible, remain in a station or if undocked, be cloaked
2. Autopilot is forbidden, any gate jumps should be warp-to-zero
3. Do not, under any circumstances, be AFK whilst in space
4. Mining and missioning is banned, no matter how far away your system is
5. Engagement with the enemy is a last resort - always run
6. You are not to communicate with war targets under ANY circumstance
7. Any contact from war targets is to be ignored and reported to a senior member
8. Trade Hubs (Jita, Diodoxie, etc) are no-go areas, period.

You can also take a look at SLYCE Activities to learn about visiting our low-sec or null-sec space. Our WT's never go to low or null, but ofc you are always a target in these areas of space.

Hiding Option 2 - Join A Sister Corp

SLYCE runs a number of corps which are not in the SLYCE alliance. These corps are set to 'blue' to SLYCE, which means it's members can enjoy the same access to low tax POCOs, fleets with boosts and other activities whilst not being subject to the war. Our shell corporations also have 0% tax.

This is the middle ground option, if your usual game-play style is heavily involved with SLYCE activities - such as PI or mining. Should you leave SLYCE, it is important that you join one of our Exiles chats to stay in touch with the Alliance and for updates on when the war is over. Due to operational security, the names of these sister corps are private and will be distributed internally once war has been declared; it is also important that you do not brag or advertise the names of these corps at any time.

Hiding Option 3 - Join An NPC Corp

Joining an NPC corp means leaving your current corp and placed in the default starter corps. This is the safest and best bet, however you may lose temporary access to SLYCE activities and fleets. If you are not heavily involved with SLYCE (for example, you are a solo miner) this is your best choice. Should you leave SLYCE, it is important that you join one of our Exiles chats to stay in touch with the alliance and for updates on when the war is over.

Want To Fight?

Members who choose to fight do not have to be expert PVP players; simply, you are prepared to fight back against war targets. Death is not to be feared in Eve, for those of you who have read our New Pilot Guide, you will understand that being killed in Eve is not the end; your ships are bullets, anytime you undock you should expect to lose them.

If you are new to PVP or just learning, you should read Rookies Guide To Fleet Ops for a good overview of common language and what is to be expected from you.

When can I fight?

SLYCE members may only engage war targets when taking part in an Official War Fleet (OWF).

Official War Fleets are only authorized when run by a SLYCE FC (you know who they are) and the fleet is organised and advertised in SLACK/on the forums.

What are the rules of fighting?

  • You may only engage war targets in an Official War Fleet
  • You must be on TS3/Mumble as directed by the Fleet Commander (FC)
  • Silence must be maintained on voice comms and in chat unless the FC allows otherwise
  • Communication in local is also forbidden unless otherwise allowed by the FC
  • FC's orders are to be followed recklessly - even if it's to your own doom.
  • Loot is not to be taken unless authorized by the FC

What ship do I need?

  • For the most part, unless otherwise stated, fleets will either be composed of T1 frigates, destroyers or cruisers. Other docrine fits are permitted but this is at the discretion of the FC.
  • The race of the ships used may be limited to a specific race or to a certain class depending on who is running the fleet.
  • When a fleet is forming, we will provide the minimum required fit that you must have to take part in the operation.
  • Fleets are usually made of a mixture of the following roles -

* Tackle (immobilize an enemy and prevent them from escaping) Read More
* E-War (disrupting the ability of the enemy to attack) Read More
* Logistics (repairing friendly ships that are under attack) Read More
* DPS (shooting at the enemy whilst it has been tackled; press F1 on whoever has been called primary, easy.)

What if I lose my ship?

Each time an Official War Fleet is formed, an allocated budget of Alliance funds is allocated to replace any lost ships.

The allocated amount will vary, however be advised it will not cover T2 ships; you bring these at your own risk, if allowed.

As long as the killmail took place in an OWF, you can claim the ISK back from the Alliance by speaking to SoHo White or RiotRick.

General War Survival

Watch Local Chat

Unless you are in WH space, you will be able to see all pilots in your system. You can drag the local chat channel into it's own window as a dedicated list of players. War Targets will have a red star next to their pilots icon. If you are not taking part in PVP, this is a sign that you need to dock up immediately.

You can stay logged on while docked if you see a load of hostiles in local as they may spend hours camping your station while your off watching TV or whatever. Bore them out.

Timers and Engagements

'''Undock invulnerability''' will give you 30 seconds to make a decision to either dock back up, or warp to a bookmarked insta-undock point. It's important you do nothing other than stop your ship the moment you undock (use ctrl-spacebar) otherwise you will move well beyond the docking ring. Any other action you make will cause you to lose that invulnerability.

'Gate cloak' is when you jump through a stargate you will have 30 seconds of cloak after you land. If you do anything such as align, move, warp-to, then you will lose this cloak. You should use that cloak time to assess local and d-scan the system

'Weapons timer' is activated the moment someone uses an offensive module a 60 second weapons timer starts and it will count down the moment the offensive action stops, which prevent docking up or using a stargate. If you are aggressed you can use this to your advantage to escape and make use of that 60 seconds to put distance between you and the enemy.

Other Tips

You can find more tips via Eve University Tips for War

Leadership Requirements

  • All SLYCE corp leadership (CEO's) are required to place a link to these war protocols in their corp MOTD as soon as possible
  • Leadership are expected to enforce the Wartime Protocols; up to destroying their own members ships if AFK in space, warning members and ultimately kicking members.
  • Communication to the Alliance regarding the war is only to be sent by the Alliance Diplomats

Protocol Enforcement

  • First losses to war targets will receive a warning against future action from their CEO.
  • Second losses will result in the member being kicked from the corp by their CEO*

* The protocol enforcement is harsh. It is meant to be otherwise repeat offenders will just continue and not care about the effect they are having on their corp and the rest of the Alliance.

There are circumstances that will result in a member losing more than one ship to WT's in quick succession; a newbro who loses a frig and then tries to regain his loot in another frig in which he instantly dies. In this case training is required.
The enforcement is aimed at those members who know the rules and choose to ignore them, continuing to run incursions or mission or haul and who lose expensive ships and cargo for no good reason other than they think best.

Fly safe.
Fly Sensible.

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