SLYCE State Of The Alliance

As SLYCE grows, we want to encourage open communication between the Alliance and its members, as a result, a State of the Alliance has been prepared.

Corporations Within The Alliance

We have been reviewing the active corporations within the Alliance, as inevitably corps come and go over time…

As the Alliance Executor SoHo White is currently contacting various CEO's to establish whether the corps are still active or if they have declined and the few members that are left would be better off in another active corp.

Check the SLYCE Public chat channel to find corps in the Alliance that are currently recruiting, they would happily accomodate members from declining corps. Or if you have buddies in another of the Alliance corps then you could join them. Please speak to your CEO/Leadership before moving though, as it may be your CEO's intention to start recruiting and making your existing corp more active.

We also actively recruit new corporations to join us, if you know any likey corps please let a Diplo know so that they can approach them.

Changes to the War Time Protocols

Shoot stuff if you want ?

Our old War protocol essentially encourages a non aggressive position. However this isn't much fun if you feel you should stay docked and not be able to play.

As a result we have changed them. These protocols are now in force, but are subject to change at short notice. A mail would be sent Alliance wide if that were the case.

See the SLYCE wiki for a full description of these protocols
SLYCE Wartime Protocol

Recent war losses have prolonged wars exessively. You must read and be familliar with our War Protocols, future stupid losses will have consequences for members, ultimately culminating in you being asked to leave the Alliance. The War protocols are there to protect you and your fellow Alliance members please respect them.

Wormhole Operation Changes

SLYCE no longer support WH operations/living.
Should you wish to operate in a WH and would like to offer this content to the Alliance then please contact SoHo White or a SLYCE Diplomat.

Our old WH policy has been left to view Wormhole Policy on this wiki, check out a former corp of SLYCE, Drastic Measures guide that they put together specifically for SLYCE members:

DM's Most Excellent WH Guide

SLYCE has a dedicated wormhole chat channel 'SLYCE-WH' should you wish to resurrect and use it.

Alliance Bulletins / MOTD

An overlooked area of information are the Alliance Bulletins. Have you checked them recently ?
You should !
Please read the MOTD on the Alliance chat channel. It is updated regularly and contains information that you should know and understand before you undock !

Alliance Public Channel + Other Channels

SLYCE have their own public chat channel SLYCE Public and all CEO's and recruiters should be in this channel.

There are a whole bunch of intel channels, depending on where in the universe you are, and depending on what you are doing. If you are unaware or unsure of these please go to the SLYCE Help channel (yes we can Help you !) and the MOTD gives you all the information for intel channels.

Other Alliance News and Changes

As you know, IGC has been the aggressors in Detorid and have attacked our sov. Their alliance leadership has agreed that the attack was a "miscommunication" and have paid out over 6bn worth to our SRP fund, in exchange for the removal of 24x7 cloaky campers in their regions, and towers. As of right now, we are no longer considering them hostile and we also would like to thank them for helping us repair the POS modules that were damaged when 20bn of their friends' capitals were destroyed when they were hired to attack our assets. This effectively closes our involvement in the Detorid region, where GoTG first asked us to hold sov for them.

NC and GoTG have coordinated sov transfers in Deklein today. SoHo, our exec, has been kind enough to pay for the TCUs and ihub's in all new systems. DARKNESS will maintain ihub control in CCP for strategic purposes (JB). We would like to ask that everyone please attempt to mine and rat in these new areas until the strategic index and appropriate corporate sponsors have been assigned.

Corp removals:
We would also like to bid farewell to Xtrata as they close down due to inactivity. They are welcome to rebuild and come back in the future. Real life matters. Dark Syndicate also has some real life stuff so his director will move to USQ and CEO will be encouraged to go to SLYCE Pirates when he is able to get back from RL obligations and rebuild.

Everything else:
We currently have 40 systems and you are encouraged to try life out in our 0.0 space, even if only temporarily. The rewards are great and you don't know if you'll like it until you try. A wiki article has been written to help you with "Life in 0.0".
Life in 0.0

You can immediately work null now. Our station in TXME-A is the place to go, we also have Stations/Citadels/EC's and POS's in our other sov systems with compression arrays and reprocessing arrays. We have also placed a highly skilled mining booster pilot in our systems, look for fleet boosts. Ore/Ice buy back programs are being set up, ask in Alliance chat for more info.

In terms of ISK making, a Vexor Navy Issue with Gecko's in TXME-A will far outclass mining on ISK/hour and will have far less risk.

CCP are building on the Citadels and Engineering Complex's and so are we, look out for major projects over the coming year.

Last but not least, SoHo, TLD, Riot, Elo, Ack, Sered, and the corp CEOs/directors, are incredibly thankful for an awesome team that we have. All of you have the funkiest personalities, and in many cases, clash on a weekly basis, and it truly reminds me of what a family probably would look like. Not perfect, but we work for one effort.

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