SLYCE Initial Conversation


Before approaching a corporation, consideration should be taken to the Pre-Contact Elements to check suitability. One contact has been established with a suitable corporation and they have expressed interest in joining, the standard questions should be sent to the CEO to be reviewed by the alliance diplomats.

Pre-Contact Elements

Things to consider before contacting a corporation

  1. Member count
  2. Corp age
  3. Corp activity level
  4. CEO age / bounty / bio
  5. Other characters age / bounty / bio
  6. Areas of operation
  7. PVE/PVP/Industry/etc

Standard Information

Basic information that needs to be collected; not fully inclusive.

- Out of your members, how many are active?
- What's the average demographic of your corp? (Location, age, timezone, etc)
- Do you carry out many fleets as a corp? Are they regular or adhoc?
- What are your recruitment rules (e.g., API keys, age, sec status, etc)
- Do you have rules or protocols in place for dealing with war decs?
- Do you have any plans for the safety of corp members? (e.g., awoxers)
- What protections do you have for corp assets? (e.g., does everybody has unlimited access to hangers?)
- What does your 'leadership' team look like? Who are they?
- Does any of your leadership has RL experience that may be useful to the alliance?
- How does your corp fund itself? Taxes? Buy-Back? Production? etc
- Do you have any positive relations with other corps that may also be interested in joining?
- Are there any issues that the alliance may need to be aware of? (e.g., any corps you don't get on with, etc)

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