SLYCE Announcement E Mail

Once a corporation has joined the Alliance, this e-mail should be sent to the entire Alliance.

Introductions and content can be changed as required.

Example E-mail

'Subject: Welcome to SLYCE - 'Corp Name Here''

As always, it gives us great pleasure to welcome ''corp name here'', an ''XYZ corp'' based in ''system'', run by ''CEO name'' into the SLYCE Alliance - on behalf of the Alliance, we look forward to gaming with you and opening the community we have worked to create, with you.

SLYCE contains over XX corps, totalling over 500 members; you can see a bunch more things about us on DOTLAN ( and Zkillboard (

'How To Get Involved'

We appreciate that it can be a bit overwhelming to suddenly have a whole new bunch of people in front of you when you login, so here are a few pointers that will help out a bit more -

  • When you come online, say hello or give us a salute ( o7 ) or a wave ( o/ ) in Alliance chat
  • When you're in or creating a fleet, regardless of what it's for, share it with the Alliance
  • Drop a few interesting links in the chat that you might come across
  • Get involved with any conversations taking place
  • Ask for advice on your fits or ideas, or if you can obtain a cheaper price
  • Ask around in the Alliance if you're bored and looking for something to do

You're also welcome to use the Alliance's Teamspeak Server using the following address: (TS3)

'Intel, Information & Issues'

If you come across any information that might be useful to the Alliance and it's members; whether it's just an interesting piece of information, information about risks or wars (for example, when Burn Jita takes place) or you have any issues that involve the Alliance or it's members, please speak to your corp CEO, who will in turn raise the issue with the Alliance Diplomats who will work together with you and your CEO to resolve whichever matter may be at hand.

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