SLYCE Alliance Protocol

SLYCE Description

SLYCE is an Alliance of casual, like-minded corporations who explore all avenues of Eve Online, from industry behemoths, mission runners to PVP communities of real-life friends based in null and low-sec; SLYCE is welcoming and active, spanning all timezones, where requests to join from similar minded corporations are always carefully considered.

Alliance Executor - SoHo White
SOV Exec/Head Diplomat - RiotRick
Diplomats - Wrent Simulus, Ackeroth, Odyss Metiss, Eloisa Seraphina

Joining SLYCE

SLYCE will ensure that all member corps are in alignment in terms of game objectives and philosophy.

The general overview of the steps needed to join the Alliance are as follows -

  1. Corporation is approached by an Alliance Diplomat or referred to a Diplomat by a member CEO
  2. Initial conversation between the Diplomat and CEO takes place to establish contact and suitability
  3. Corp public background check takes place
  4. Group event with SLYCE members and applicant corp
  5. Discussion between SLYCE Diplomats
  6. Feedback to applicant corp CEO
  7. Formal application in-game
  8. Application accepted
  9. E-mails sent as below
    1. SLYCE Welcome e-mail to CEO sent
    2. SLYCE Announcement e-mail sent to all Alliance

The SLYCE Alliance Ethos

Below is a list of what the SLYCE Alliance is/is not:

  • We know that RL is more important than Eve Online
  • We retain corps with a positive attitude to match our own
  • We are not pirates, griefers, gankers or scammers.
  • We use a NRDS in high sec.
  • We use a NPSI - Not Purple Shoot It and NBSI - Not Blue Shoot It policy in low, null, and wormholes.
  • We have very little mandatory anything (with exception to low/null operations, deployments, and CTAs); just enjoy the game

Alliance Duties

  • Joint operations of mining, missions, low, WH or null sec roams are encouraged but not mandatory. Living in null sec sov space will require active standing fleet and services (ts3/slack) participation.
  • Helping corps with ongoing projects, building capital ships, incursion fleets, setting up a WH etc.
  • Being active and entertaining, offering shared content and activities between corps

Member CEO Duties

  • The CEO should make his corporation members aware of Alliance protocols (especially during wars)
  • The CEO should actively promote activity across corporations within the Alliance
  • The CEO should promote the Alliance to other like minded corps they encounter

Alliance Executor Duties

The duties the Alliance Executor is expected to perform on behalf of the Alliance, these include:

  • Modifying the member list by reviewing, accepting and/or rejecting applications for membership
  • Modifying the NAP list of the Alliance
  • Modifying the list of allies
  • Modifying the list of competitors
  • Modifying the list of enemies
  • Maintain the Alliance MOTD for the Alliance chat channel
  • Pay Alliance bill
  • Mediate and settle any inter-Alliance disputes in an impartial manner

Alliance POS Usage

The Alliance has a number of POS's, situated in High, Low, Null and WH space. They are operated by different corps and individuals within those corps, as a result these are general guidelines for their use and the individual operators may impose their own restrictions.

  • Provide a 'Safe Spot' within a system
    • From which you can provide system wide boosts
    • Shelter during war
    • Use as a base in Low, Null and WH space (park ships and anchor containers)
  • Ability to use a Ship Maintenance Array (if present)
  • Ability to use a Compression Array (if present)
  • Ability to use a Reprocessing Array (if present)

Wartime Protocols

During high sec war-times, the Alliance and it's Diplomats are responsible for all communication to it's member corps and of the SLYCE Wartime Protocol. CEOs will be expected to abide by, encourage and enforce the protocols. The protocols are designed to -

  1. Deny the enemy kills of helpless non-combat ships.
  2. Deny the enemy kills of poorly-fitted ships.
  3. Deny the enemy kills of high-value ships.
  4. Deny the enemy any opportunity to milk tears.

Generally speaking, the protocols -

  1. Encourage members who don't care for PVP and those without alts do any of the following until the war is over -
    1. Join SLYCE's 0% tax shell corporation
    2. Head down into SLYCE's WH's
    3. Take part in some low-sec and null operations
    4. Operate in our Sovereignty space
    5. Train a L5 skill and go outside with their family and friends
  2. Encourage those with alt accounts to use them instead of their main account
  3. Restrict engagement of the enemy (excluding formal Alliance war operations)
  4. Prevent members and CEOs from communicating with war targets

Leaving SLYCE

  • Member Corps and under directive of their CEO are free to leave the SLYCE Alliance at any time, it happens and there is no animosity if it does
  • The SLYCE Alliance may also remove corporations at any time (e.g., lack of enforcement for wartime protocols, non activity, conflict of ethos etc)
  • CEO's and senior members will be removed from mailing lists and passwords changed
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