Skill Plan PVP

Basic PVP Skills

This tier gives you the classic newbro frigate user for fittings used in basic PVP.

Some of these skills are superfluous at this level — dual-tanking with both shield and armor tanking and rigging in particular — but it helps build a solid foundation for the next layers.

Gallente Frigate L4
Propulsion Jamming II
Energy Grid Upgrades II
Capacitor Emission Systems II
Small Hybrid Turret II
Weapon Upgrades II
Hull Upgrades II
Afterburner III
High Speed Maneuvering II
Target Management II
Long Range Targeting II
Signature Analysis II
Capacitor Management II
Capacitor Systems Operation II
Shield Management II
Shield Upgrades II
Shield Operation II
Motion Prediction II
Sharpshooter II
Rapid Firing II
Trajectory Analysis II
Evasive Maneuvering II
Acceleration Control II
Warp Drive Operation II

Advanced PVP Skills

There are plenty of skills that you are able to learn that will assist in PVP - you are welcome to practice your PVP skills on valid targets.

The above skills give a firm foundation and you'll want to aim to increasing them all to L5 level in order to fully maximize your damage and tank/resists.

Don't neglect Drones V and related drone skills from your list.

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