Skill Plan Pve

Skills are broken up into tiers, Tier 1 to give you the basic fittings that will get you through early PVE, whereas Tier 2 will allow you to work through higher and more advanced PVE.

Tier 1 (Basic)

Some of these skills are superfluous at this level — dual-tanking with both shield and armor tanking and rigging in particular — but it helps build a solid foundation for the next layers.

Hull Upgrades III
Mechanics III
Repair Systems III
Cloaking II
Propulsion Jamming III
Capacitor Management III
Capacitor Systems Operation III
CPU Management IV
Electronics Upgrades I
Energy Grid Upgrades III
Power Grid Management IV
Weapon Upgrades III
Controlled Bursts III
Gunnery IV
Motion Prediction III
Rapid Firing III
Sharpshooter III
Small [Racial] Turret III
Surgical Strike III
Trajectory Analysis III
Acceleration Control III
Afterburner III
Evasive Maneuvering III
High Speed Maneuvering III
Warp Drive Operation III
Biology III
Cybernetics I
Salvaging III
Combat Drone Operation II
Drone Navigation II
Drones III
Scout Drone Operation II
Armor Rigging III
Astronautics Rigging III
Shield Rigging III
Astrometric Acquisition II
Astrometric Rangefinding II
Astrometrics III
Survey III
Shield Management III
Shield Operation IV
Shield Upgrades III
Tactical Shield Manipulation I
[Racial] Cruiser III
[Racial] Destroyer III
[Racial] Frigate III
Long Range Targeting III
Signature Analysis III
Targeting III

Tier 2 (Advanced)

This selection of skills will offer you further options for higher level missions (e.g., L4 missions). These are suggested skills to aim for, although you are free to change them as needed.

Combat Drone Operation V
Drone Durability IV
Drone Interfacing IV
Drone Navigation IV
Drone Sharpshooting IV
Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing IV
Salvage Drone Operation IV
Scout Drone Operation V
Cloaking IV
Electronic Warfare IV
Heavy Assault Missiles III
Heavy Missiles III
Missile Bombardment III
Missile Launcher Operation IV
Missile Projection III
Rockets III
Warhead Upgrades III
[Racial] Battlecruiser III
[Racial] Battleship V
ORE Industrial III
Spaceship Command IV

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