Skill Plan Industry

Industry is a very broad segment of the game and there are multiple areas of 'industry' that one can specialize in. Given that Industry resolves around making ISK, it's a good idea to focus in one area of industry at a time so that you are able to reduce costs and increase profits; that is, don't cross train the different areas, instead wait until you've got decent skills in one part before moving on to the other.

Hauling & Contracts

Gallente Industrial L3
Hull Upgrades L3
Rigging L3
Astronautics Rigging L3
Navigation L3
Evasive Maneuvering L3
Spaceship Command L3
Mechanics L3
Shield Management L3

The above skills will give you the ability to fit a decent industrial hauler and attach some appropriate fittings to increase it's defense ability and it's speed; ideally, you'll get each one up to L4/L5 in the long run and head towards a bigger ship such as a freighter.

Check out Hauling 101 for more information

Production & Manufacturing

Production Efficiency L5
Industry L5
Mass Production L5
Advanced Mass Production L4
Supply Chain Management L3

For bigger projects and certain items, you'll want higher skills and more specific skills - even though a 'basic' skill plan suggests training items to L5, they really are a minimum requirement and will save you enough ISK and lower your mineral usage in such a way that you'll be able to compete in selling items.

Read more about Manufacturing and how to do it on the Eve Wiki and familiarize yourself with Blueprints as well. You will also want to skill up for Trade (below) if you intend on selling the items at a market too.

Trade and Station Trading

Accounting L4
Broker Relations L4
Margin Trading L4
Day Trading L4
Marketing L3
Procurement L3

Station Trading is a medium-risk, but high-return activity but can require a large amount of starting ISK to get into fully - you can read a detailed guide on Reddit, to point you in the right direction; or for a safer, less risky career you can read about trading on the Eve Wiki - which you'd want to skill up for Hauling for as well, as it includes traveling with goods.

Planetary Interaction (PI)

Remote Sensing L3
Command Center Upgrades L4
Interplanetary Consolidation L4
Planetology L4
Advanced Planetology L4

PI is a mini-game within Eve that allows a player to set up mining operations from planets and extract minerals (and additionally turn them into more complex items) to sell for ISK. Generally, PI is 'passive' - depending on how involved you want to get, you can make an extra (low estimate) 80m ISK per month for 30 minutes work or several hundred million ISK per month if that's your main career and across a few characters.

It can seem daunting at first as there's a bit a of a learning curve, but Eve University has a great guide that will get you started in PI and a really useful video that's worth watching too.

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