Rules Of Engagement

As players are expanding into low-sec and null operations and as pilots begin to explore the realms of PVP, it is important that we outline the rules of engagement which apply to all SLYCE members.


Eve is a PVP game and SLYCE is not against PVP; there are many channels available for you to get involved with PVP, however we want to outline the general rules of solo engagement for all member corporations.

These rules vary depending on the security level of the system you are in.

  • High Security (1.0 - 0.5): Only Criminals and Suspects are to be engaged (engage a war target with an FC and proper comp). Please avoid trying to PVP war targets in PVE ships. Use PVP ships.
  • Low Security (0.4 - 0.1): NBSI (Not Blue, Shoot It) or NPSI (Not Purple, Shoot It). Shoot everything not blue or those not in our fleets.
  • Null Security (0.0): NBSI (Not Blue, Shoot It), or NPSI (Not Purple, Shoot It). Always join the null standing fleet. Shoot everything not blue or those not in our fleet.
  • Wormholes (-1): NBSI (Not Blue, Shoot It). You really dont know what's in local and it's probably an entire armada of cloaked Proteuses. Shoot it only if you have your own fleet of cloaked Proteuses.

Generally speaking, regardless of security level, do not engage with characters/corps/alliances set to blue.

*These rules may be suspended during approved Alliance operations; including Spectre Fleet roams. Always validate with a diplo first. You can join an NPSI op and be in a support role (not be on killmail).

Rules of Engagement

  • Avoid war targets with your haulers or mission ships by using non-allliance alts. War targets can be engaged as long as you have proper skirmish FCs and correct fleet composition.
  • Pilots are encouraged to defend themselves.
  • Mining and industry ships are not to be engaged in high sec unless they are suspect or criminal, or attack you.
  • Wrecks of player ships are considered the property of the victor, or first come/first serve basis. FCs in PVP fleets can dictate loot rules at the beginning of the fleet; otherwise, it will be considered first come, first serve.
  • In high sec, loots and containers that are YELLOW are not to be taken from or looted, or face being flagged as a suspect. Do so at your own risk.
  • Failure to follow war dec protocols may result in expulsion from your member corporation. Please use alts in trade hubs.

These rules apply to protect the members from unwanted greifing/war decs that occur when the rules are ignored.

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