Moneymaking Methods


Salvaging behind ratters is an extremely good money making method, as there are a lot of veterans who don't even loot behind themselves while carrier ratting. A new player can easily make a stupid amount of ISK cleaning up behind these players, just make sure you ask first!

Make sure you bring a Mobile Tractor Unit to bring the wrecks to you!

Market Seeding

If you have a large amount of ISK, market seeding is an extremely good way to make your money work for you. Coalition staging has a 15% markup cap, which means that you can make around 600 million ISK per shipment of Cerberus, assuming 10% markup and 400 ISK/M3 JF cost. And you're helping the entire coalition!

Things to seed,

  • Doctrine Fits
  • Ratting Fits
  • Mining Fits
  • High use modules, ammunition, and goods

If you don't have a jump freighter, you can easily use the alliance JF services and still make a large profit.

Courier Contracts

If you have a jump freighter, running contracts is an excellent way to help out the alliance and make ISK. Typically, the rates run around 400 ISK/M3.


Reactions are great passive ISK, if you have the capital. Ferrogel is the age-old reaction that most people run, however you can make your own decisions based on this chart.

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