Mining is one of the traditional ways of making ISK in EVE Online. As a miner, you will be able to harvest ore and ice, and play an active part in providing materials for the alliance. Without a constant flow of minerals, local production crumbles!

Skill Plan

Important Skills
Mining Barge
Mining Upgrades
Ice Harvesting

Drone Skills
Drone Interfacing
Drone Navigation
Advanced Drone Avionics
Drone Sharpshooting
Drone Durability
Light Drone Operation
Medium Drone Operation


Procurer/Skiff - Tanky, can easily solo mine. Can also survive some ganks.
Covetor - Best ISK/HR, easily killed by rats.
Retriever - Excellent ore hold, can stay in belt for a long time. Weak tank.

Hulk & Mackinaw can hold their own against belt rats, but are easily killed in ganks.


1. Always watch Local
2. Never mine directly at an anomaly warp-in
3. Put your ore in a container, and haul it later
4. Ensure you have properly set up NEAR
5. Mine with friends!

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