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This is a welcome page for all new members!

Top 2 things to avoid

Before you begin your wonderful journey with us, we would like to invite you to learn from the key mistakes that hurt new pilots. This helpful segment we will call as "how to avoid to be a moron".

  • You are a moron if you think using an alliance JF in high sec is safe even outside war. Do not be the moron. Coordinate with alliance leadership to get yourself added to out of alliance JF corps.
  • You are a moron if you think gating freighters through null is okay especially without protection detail.

Simple rules to live by, and if you can train yourself and your friends with these relatively easy bullets, you now are officially certified to be able to read everything below.

SLYCE Merchandise

This is how you can help and have great gear at the same time!

Home Station

SLYCE is newbie friendly and offers some of the best infrastructures for new bros to learn how to mine, rat, and PVP in null sec.

Life in null-sec is different from life in high-sec; although known as being a wild and hostile place, there are so many more opportunities that you should all seriously try out for a few weeks and get used to the world in our systems. If you want a good incentive to try out null-sec, here's a loot drop from an NPC mining belt rat []

Our home station is TXME-A, located in Deklein. The rest of our sov, stations, etc can be found here. If you want to learn where to rat and mine in Deklein/Fade, you can review the map here.

We also do have "historical" Southern holdings in Wicked Creek and Scalding Pass. They are like old trophies from high school, sometimes you just want to keep them.

IMPORTANT: Services, Slack, TeamSpeak


2. Out of game pings will be sent via There is a "Slack" app for Android and iOS. Please send your e-mail address to Tommas Crowbarius, Ackaroth, Trephination or Sered Woollahra so you can be added to Slack. This is similar to jabber but better.

3. You also need to sign up on alliance web site. The instructions are here.

4. Finally, all doctrine ships are posted on the SLYCE forums.

5. To find out easy wormholes to our space, sign up for SLYCE TRADE mailing list in-game. Click on your Mail icon, and on the bottom left, click Add Mailing List. You can also get paid as a wormhole scanner. Please finish #6 by signing up on coalition discord and then talk to ecmblade to get added to the recon group, which does payouts based on the most active WH scanners. Siggy is the wormhole tool that is used by coalition.

6. Get on coalition services. Then download Discord. Use the invite code from the coalition services and input it in the Discord app or web site. Discord allows you to see coalition pings. Similar to our Slack. Also join the G_OPS channel in EVE to get fleet invites. All pilots in your corporation are required to have a coalition SSO token registered, all alts that's in SLYCE. Going below the 90% threshold for SSO registration in your corporation may result in removal of that corporation. We understand that people may have military deployments or long medical leaves, this is why the requirement is 90% and not 100%. The 10% buffer accounts for those special cases.

7. For those with capitals, please talk to Scorian Draith on Slack so you can get added to the capitals channel and capitals fleet-up, plus the capitals in-game channel. Once you are on these, you can apply on the coalition capital group (from step 6). Just a reminder: Please do not rat in supers, titans, dreads, or marauders except in designated systems. Poke your director/CEO on where.

8. For those with supers, titans — we have separate coordination channels for these. You can contact Scorian Draith for more information on requirements.

Quick Guide on How to Fly in Null (Ratting Example)

Unlike in high or low sec where many compete for ratting or mining anomalies, these resources have infinite supply in null sec. Anomalies constantly respawn and mining ores have significant upgrades.

You do have to train yourself to constantly watch local in case of roaming gangs. You should also learn how to create safes. A good tutorial of these great habits can be found in RiotRick's tutorial here.

Getting to 0.0

Preparation / Shipping Your Stuff to Null

If you are moving from a distant place, go fire sale your junk and just buy new in your new home. Get a interceptor or luxury yacht and buy your new ships and mods from TXME-A, Deklein.

Subscribe to in-game mailing list "SLYCE TRADE" and get the latest intel on wormholes. Our null recons scout for wormholes daily. The coalition also uses siggy, does ISK payouts, and has a separate group called recon that you can apply to. Talk to ecmblade on coalition Discord for more information.

SLYCE currently owns sov in Deklein and a bunch of stations. There are decent markets in TXME and CCP. If you feel you need to move ships or modules, you can ship them from the high sec hubs to any Deklein station or Citadel. Contact Alpha Express, you can do this in the #trade channel in Slack.

Rush Services
Prices may change, so check on the forums.

When you send your courier contract, it is important everything is packaged and not in containers. Otherwise, your package will not be delivered.

Jump Clones

Jump Clones (JC's) allow you to 'switch' bodies across the universe - you can have one clone in null-sec and one clone in Jita and jump between the two clones every 20 hours or so (depending on your clone skills), taking you from 0.0 to Jita in fractions of a second. These are basically two completely separate bodies and can all do the same thing, such as undock, run missions, etc.

Jump Clones can get confusing if you have implants, etc. so read the Eve University Guide too.

Once you've got your JC's set up, you can start moving towards 0.0

Moving yourself

Moving yourself down to null is one of the biggest challenges. Here are two ways to do it.

By Death Clone

If your corporation has an office in our null space (and it should) you can get to it by committing suicide !

  • First get into a JC that has NO implants.
  • Second set your "Home Station" to the corporate office in null
  • Third Self Destruct ! and you will instantly wake up in null :-)

Flying There

For the easiest ride, you'll want to take an interceptor or victorious luxury yacht as it will avoid bubbles and is a fast moving ship. If you don't have the skills for an interceptor, you'll absolutely want to be training into them as a priority because it makes like 100x easier when traveling around quickly. The easiest way to do it is to start in the high sec system of Jita, and set your destination to TXME. You can also use wormholes. As mentioned earlier, there are daily wormhole routes being scanned by recons. Please subscribe to the mailing list 'SLYCE TRADE'.

Try to avoid gate camps. A good article on gate camps can be found here:
Read more about Gate Camps.

Living in 0.0

Where Can I Live and Rat?

While most people live in TXME, there are other systems in Deklein and Fade you can call as home.

System Benefits

The more that SLYCE use the Sovereign systems, the more benefits that each member will gain.

What To Do?

Do what you usually do in high-sec.

"Mining" - Example of ore types available.

"Anomaly or Belt Ratting" - Whenever you warp into an asteroid belt, there is a very high chance that belt rats will spawn; on average, a belt spawn has 2x Frigates, 2x Cruiser and 2x Battleships with about 3m ISK combined bounties. This, per 15 minutes, is several times more than running L4 missions in high-sec. Make sure you read about farming and read more tips for ratting.

"Missioning" - Instead of missions, you will mostly run 'sites' or 'anomalies' (shown here), these are basically like L4 missions without agents and are found at the bottom of your probe scanner window. Be sure to Google the name of them first so that you're aware of what to expect when you land. Be sure to watch the video tutorial on (how to rat in null). Please note - do not use dreads or marauders or supercarriers/titans to rat in null except in specified systems. Make sure to watch for wormholes and nearby neutral staging form-ups (e.g. ROIR). Check with your director/ceo for more info.

'''Industry''' - In our SOV, there are industry facilities. There's a free BPC service if you need copies, simply ask around in alliance or our alliance CEO, SoHo White.

"PVP" - PVP in null-sec is as easy as shooting somebody who is not blue.

NB - Local rats in Deklein are Guristas, be aware of this for your fittings and ships. You will sometimes encounter sleepers in belts, anomalies, gates, etc - for your own sake, just don't shoot at them because they'll follow you around for several hours with their pew pew's turned to maximum. You want to have explosive resistance mods on your ratting ships. There are suggested Gila fits that work really well in alliance bulletins.

Avoiding Unnecessary Death and Fighting Hostiles

Local Chat is important as you can see from this video here. Drag local chat from your chat windows so it opens in its own windows.

Null-sec is NBSI - Not Blue Shoot It. If a character is in your system and does not have a blue icon or is red/orange, let our intel channels know ASAP with the name, system and the ship they're in (or if you don't know the ship, type "nv" for "No Visual"). Read your alliance bulletins for the most up to date intel channels.

If you're on your own and a hostile enters system, just warp to your safe then get to a POS. It's that easy. If there is a station in your null system, do not instantly warp to it. Validate to see if there any trap bubbles that the enemy has setup to catch you. If you have the numbers to match the enemy's fleet composition, feel free to engage with the appropriate response. And please don't try to PVP in your PVE ship…

Ship Replacement Program (SRP)

If you died in fleet ops and need isk to replace your ship, follow the instructions found on the bio of this pilot: SLYCE SRP

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