Joining Teamspeak

Comms Details (SLYCE TS)

'''TS Server:''' SLYCE TS
'''TS Lead Admin:''' RiotRick
'''TS Admins:''' Eloisa Seraphina
'''TS Moderators:''' Sered Woolahra, Ackaroth

When joining TS

  • Please add your corp ticker to your name.
  • When you first join you are given a [Spy] tag, and have no access to move channels. Ask in Slack or Alliance chat in-game for a Moderator to grant permissions.

Teamspeak Guidelines

  • We want the Teamspeak to be a friendly area to chat and enjoy the game
  • Talk to people in a way you would like to be spoken to yourself
  • Any form of harassment or abuse is not tolerated
  • Be aware there may be NSFW language used on the TS server
  • Users are welcome to create temporary channels if needed; in or out of Eve activities are welcome

:: ''FYI - Friends and non-Eve players will need to be given server permission by an admin for access''

  • You must enable PTT (Push-To-Talk) settings so not to interrupt with background noises or sneezing
  • Move to the AFK channels when you are AFK
  • If you are conducting fleet operations (e.g., more than 1 person doing the same activity), please move to a separate channel

Reporting Trolls and Harassment

  • Right click a users name and select "mute/block" to ignore them
  • Right click a member and select "Make a Complaint" to inform the server admins of any issues
  • It is at the discretion of the SLYCE Leadership and Server Admins to ban or suspend users, at will, for no reason
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