Corporation Handbook

For other bits and pieces that don't need their own stand-alone guide.

Corp and Alliance Chat

  • Don't be afraid to say hello!
  • Be respectful of other members
  • Challenge inappropriate behavior providing that you challenge it appropriately
  • Avoid open confrontations and political/religious/sensitive topics
  • Any issues or concerns about any other members are to be raised with a senior corp member

Local Chat

  • Do not feed the trolls

Inter-Corp Services

Although your new corp provides some services to it's members, individuals within the corp may offer private services such as ships, equipment and hauling services to other members.

  • Be prepared to pay in exchange for a service
  • At least provide a tip for any good deed gestures
  • Negotiation can be expected, but be reasonable
  • Items or services offered to you for cheap or free is a gift, not an entitlement
  • There are to be no scams or exploitative behavior

Corporation Buy-Back

Your corporation may buy ore/minerals/loot/salvage from you. Check with a senior member or CEO to see if this is possible.

If they do:

  • Be aware you may not always get the best price possible; research first!
  • Once deposited, it may be impossible to return
  • It may take a few days for the ISK to be sent to you (if using a container drop system)
  • T2 or Faction/Officer items can be arranged, but speak to a senior member before depositing or you may not get the right ISK value

Complaints and Grievances

SLYCE is an inclusive Alliance as are its member corporations, they contain people from all walks of life, regardless of age, location or skill points.

The leadership continues to do everything they can to be inclusive and proactively encourage you to speak to them regarding any concerns that you may have.

Any concerns will be listened to in an objective manner with an unbiased attitude and we genuinely want to hear our members ideas and suggestions or their concerns. Any senior member can be approached at any time, or if the issue is particularly sensitive or involves members from the alliance, please speak to SoHo White directly, who despite writing this guide and being the ultimate boss in SLYCE, is surprisingly approachable and mostly non-threatening.

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