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SLYCE is now in the 100 Top Alliances in Eve Online in terms of member count - we've got a lot of members!

If you're selling wares, have skills to share or interesting real life skills you'd like to advertise, let everyone know below!

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SLYCE Leadership

Alliance Diplomats

SoHo White - Alliance Executor

Odyss Metis - Alliance Diplomat

RiotRick - Null Diplomat

Corporation CEO's

Alpha Republic - Kaylah The-Last-Don

Alpha Trades - Malcorian Vandsteidt

AS Mining Group - Jenny Dallas

Banana ISK ink - Paranoid Jane

Brute Inc. - Butakhan

Clandestine Industrial Group - Robertus Randomus

Drastis Measures. - Myco Toxin

Etoilles Mortant Ltd - SoHo White

eXtreme Co - Ted Rockson

GoGreen GoVeg - Anastasia Wielder

House of Harlots - Clayton Cain

Induction Harmonic Resonance - Tony Txivneebs

Luxembourg Online - Lance ALOTT

Massive Consumption - Spazzen Ulreathen

NewPod Industries - Penelope Metis

Pator Kill School - Crimson Apocalypse

Royal Khanid Fleet Auxillary - Shasuel Rawr

Sandman Staff - Geileis

Space Rocks Industries - Ravalli Ellecon

Production & Industry

Nemain Badb - T2 Ship Production

Ciphas Patrouette + Alts - T3 Ship Production

Turtle Azule - T2 Ship Production / T2 Module Production

Ravalli Ellecon + Alts - T2 Ship Production

Refining & Reprocessing


T1 BPO Copying Service

T1 BPC's, mail SoHo White

Fleet Boosters & FC's

Mining Boosts

Kristian Hacket + Alts

Shift2K2 + Alts

SoHo White + Alts

Ravalli Ellecon + Alts (Hi Sec & WH)

Armored-Information-Siege-Skirmish Boosts

Freida Draesia - Fleet Booster L5 (Armored-Information-Siege-Skirmish V + Advanced Armored V)


T2 Logistics

Turtle Azule - Logistics L5

Kopaka Newton - Logistics L3

T1 Logistics

Valenris, Tomm Norseman, Azarin Azadar, China Flex, Indroues Ekanon, Ena en Crodux, Tarrin Docherty, Tamasachi, Randuin Wrynn, Pah'numa

POS Management

NewPOD Industries (WH) - Odyss Metis

Space Rocks Industries (Hi Sec, WH)- Ravalli Ellecon


Goat Myten + Alts - Freighter

RiotRick + Alts - NullSec Jump Freighter

Ravalli Ellecon + Alts - Freighter / Bowhead

Freida Draesia - Freighter


Fleet Commanders

Tortle FC is best FC

People Who Enjoy Shooting At Things

Sront Arnerette, Odyss Metis, China Flex, Marcus Luttrell Khan, Winter Sun, Jibril Olerie, Kopaka Newton, Zamazhio, Indroues Ekanon, Treison Huss, Zazarin Zazadar, Locksworth LOX, Freida Draesia

SLYCE Incursions

Ciphas Patrouette - FC/Anchor

Turtle Azule - Fleet Coordinator + Logistics Captain

Real World Skills

Reamhar Donnchadh - Web Application Developer(php)

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