The SLYCE Alliance, founded by Blind Scarlet, came into being in Sept 2009 in response to the corporation Etoilles Mortant Ltd. (EML) being unable to find an Alliance that it fitted in well with. As it was later discovered, most Alliances wanted their "pound of flesh" whereas EML wanted to have like minded buddies to play Eve with, share their experiences and create new content for themselves rather than be dictated to and have restrictions to their play.

The history of the name Solyaris Chtonium <SLYCE>, seems to have been lost over time, although the original SLYCE logo designer ''is'' known and still a member of EML, her name is Monassa Reid.
The SLYCE logo went through a redisign process in 2015 and the design team of Dagothra, Kopaka Newton, Kristian Hackett, Michelle Lafisques and Thor Auriga created the logo now seen accross New Eden.


The Alliance had just one main corp and a few shell corporations for its first few years and it did well and then after EML's former CEO left the game, SoHo White took over the as CEO of EML and an expansion began.

The Alliance attracted a number of corps that shared a similar relaxed ethos based on "industry with a bit of fight in them" and before too long the Alliance had grown, with several corps taking a prominent role in shaping content for all the members in the Alliance; with over 20 corps and only continuing to grow.

A timeline showing the early growth of SLYCE - SLYCE Timeline

The Alliance had 3 main corps in its early years. First came EML who were very much industry based and who at there peek were turning over 100 Billion isk a month. The second was Patriot Security Service (PATSS), a medium sized pve/pvp corp. It was they who first ventured into wormholes and soon met Buy n Large (BUY N) who were WH dwellers and convinced them to join.

All went well until the Alliance came in for a succession of war declarations one after the other, from Mercenary corps who had been hired to take over the WH we were in. Some fun skirmishes were had but it resulted in the loss of a few capital ships and the WH. Sadly Buy n Large decided to leave us, go and find another WH and return to a quiet life.
After that, PATSS had a taste for bigger style pvp and dipped in and out of the Alliance before finally joining another more pvp orientated Alliance.

All was quiet for a few months and then NewPod Industries (NewPod) joined, the then CEO Murphey Solette injected some impetus and acted as one of the Alliance's Diplomats. He was mainly responsible for the influx of corps into the Alliance over the following year.
Murphey has since moved on, but we recognize the great work he did on behalf of SLYCE.

The Culture of PVP: Low Sec and Null Sec Incursions

On March 2014, a young corp called Alpha Republic joined SLYCE. Originally composed of a dozen or so members of the Alpha Republic guild from Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), this new corp formed a strong PVP core that brought SLYCE's 10% monthly isk efficiency to 93.72% the next month after.

They also were renown ice miners, and by May 2014, they started inviting alliance members to low sec ice mining belts in Alachene.

By June 2014, Alpha Republic's CEO, The Last Don, found a null sec wormhole that connected directly to the ice rich null sec system called K-MGJ7, part of the Curse region.

Slowly as infrastructure developed and tales of null riches were told, more people came to explore null, and by March 12th 2015, SLYCE became sovereignty holders of systems in Scalding Pass, which bordered Curse. Scalding Pass structures such as infrastructure hubs were purchased directly from Fraternity, who previously held sov in this area.

Our first sov structures were planted in pre-Aegis sov and was primarily done by an Iteron piloted by RiotRick, a nemesis piloted by Eloisa Seraphina, and a Vexor Navvy Issue piloted by Fubo Libs (definitely not our spai in Shadow Cartel). One of the sov taking videos can be found here.

Relationship with TEST

Around the time SLYCE took sov in Scalding, TEST left the HERO coalition in Catch. TEST evacuated from the region and announced a deployment to Wicked Creek. Almost instantly, roaming gangs doubled in Curse and Scalding Pass, with bubble camps almost on every gate attempting to kill TEST industrials.

SLYCE, coming from a strong industrial background and having a natural hatred for bullies (e.g. CODE), started clearing the gate camps and bubbles despite not being blue to TEST.

TEST diplomat, vanflyheight13, and SLYCE's null sec coordinator, RiotRick, started working out supply runs for much needed isotopes for TEST' capital force. Initial blue status was negotiated so SLYCE jump freighters could help seed TEST markets.

SLYCE's first station: 1L-OEK

Gorgons and SLYCE have had friendly skirmishes in Curse since 2014. When SLYCE took sov, there was a non-invasion pact agreement signed between SLYCE and Gorgon. While they can shoot each other's ships, no structure attacks were permitted. The Gorgon Empire's primary military commander, White Don, also dropped sov in 1L-OEK on April 2015 because he felt Gorgon could no longer hold onto vast amount of space in the upcoming sov changes in Aegis. He gave up the 1L-OEK station for SLYCE.

SLYCE fielded 8 billion isk worth of carriers to grind down the 1L-OEK station. SLYCE's inherent knowledge of the isk value for the capitals is mainly due to the fact that Pandemic Legion dropped titans and nuked all of them off the field.

After some loud laughter on comms as capital pilots got doomsday'd one by one, the industrial alliance that could, managed to tackle one PL Ragnarok while the other titans were able to cyno out.

With 25% shields remaining, a quick action PL battleship force from Curse was able to save the titan pilot and killed the tackle — one lone Sabre — piloted by Vladimir Khurelem, SLYCE's meme master and #1 spai. (He is definitely not a spy in TISHU.)

SLYCE's industrial age

With a station in place, and the alliance no longer having to live in X9V POSes (to Bel Dian's dismay) a significant portion of the alliance moved down from low sec to null and started the "industrial age" where jump bridges and additional stations were built across Wicked Creek (C-L, JEQ, SJJ etc). Ciphas Patrouette was a major contributor to the first couple station projects in SLYCE.

SLYCE Sovereignty

The Cloaked Era

Funded by ice mining activities in low sec and null, SLYCE's Alpha Republic corp started a program dubbed "Cloaky Ninjas", and started buying over a dozen black ops bridgers and planting them throughout New Eden.

In late 2014, leveraging NPSI communities like Spectre Fleet and for a little while Bombers Bar, Cloaky Ninjas was born with one simple mission: to enforce the law against pirates. Ninja battles like fighting 11 TISHU capitals in Hesarid or dropping CFC Sleipner fleets with carrier support made the Cloaky Ninjas brand popular and had a positive consequence of inviting like minded pilots who wanted consistent covert activities.

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Participating In CCP's Entosis Games: SLYCE pilots join Spectre

Wars and Rumors of Wars: Bees tested SLYCE's resolve in Scalding Pass and Wicked Creek

World War Bee and Guardians of the Galaxy

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